Technical direction 

Grandé Caméra  is the leader in technical line production in Québec. We pride ourselves with unequalled expertise and talent in orchestrating all the equipment and staff needs of our customers.

- Technical budget elaboration
- Quotes coordination
- Follow-up with the suppliors
- Staff recruitment and accomodation
- On-set team management
- On-set technical directorate

Whether we have the mission to install sixteen Arri Alexa cameras (eight of which are remote-controlled, one mounted on a steadicam and one on dolly) like we did for Paul Desmarais’ commemorative ceremony at the Basilique Notre-Dame, or to install and operate many pan & tilt cameras across the ocean, we always take pleasure in assembling the best workflows for your projects.

Some examples:

Vol 920
L’Été Indien
Big Brother Canada
Les Chefs!
La Voix
Paul Desmarais’s tribute ceremony
Saturday Night Live: Here Comes the Night by Arcade Fire
Occupation Double
Star Académie
Série MTL – QC

Videotron: The technician trap
Cadbury: Museum Hunt

Celine Dion: A New Day DVD
Marie-Mai: Tournée Mirroir

Ride Shakedown


Services + Repairs 

To ensure quality service, the company constantly updates its equipment and stays abreast of the latest solutions in the field of cinema.

Grandé Camera's technical services include:
- Calibration of lenses (shading)
- Colorimetric calibration
- Sensitometric calibration
- Colour alignment
- Repair and maintenance

Anti-dust, anti-static and neutral projectors and collimators area, everything is in place to meet the most critical repairs and most precise adjustments.

Did you know that Grandé Caméra is a certified Canon and Panasonic service center? Give us a call!

Useful links: Canon | Panasonic

Studio rentals

Grandé Studios



Since 2013, we offer complete color grading services in collaboration with Looklabs.

Our colorists have proven their skills in the field and be assured that the look of your project will be incomparable.

Services offered:
- Preproduction consultation
- Postproduction supervision and management
- Digital rushes: Webcast and podcast
- Color grading and conforming
- Archiving on LTO

On-set services:
- Data management
- Quality control
- Encoding
- Transcoding

- SpeedGrade
- DaVinci Resolve

Some of our projects:
- Amsterdam
- La Vie Parfaite
- Série Noire
- Ces Gars-Là
- Mensonges
- Marie-Mai: Live au Centre Bell
- Au Secours de Béatrice 
- Le Clan