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Sony Venice

Sensor size36.2 x 24.1mm
43.5 mm diagonal (FF)
24.89 x 18.66mm
31.1mm diagonal (S35/4perf)
24.89 x 14.0mm
28.56mm diagonal (S35/3perf)
Latitude14 stops+
Base ISO500
MediasAXS cards
SxS card
Recording16-bit linear RAW in 4K (AXS-R7)
16-bit linear RAW / X-OCN in 6K (AXS-R7)
XAVC 4K Class480
XAVC 4K Class300
HD ProRes 422HQ
HD ProRes 422
HD ProRes 422 proxy
Max. Fps6K 2.39:1 @ 1-30 fps
6K 1.85:1 @ 1-30 fps
6K 17:9 @ 1-30 fps
4K 17:9 @ 1-60 fps
4K 4:3 @ 1-48 fps
4K 6:5 @ 1-30 fps
3.8K 16:9 @ 1-60 fps
Weight9 lbs (No AXS-R7 / no viewfinder)
Available in March 2018

Sony F-65

Sensor size24.7 x 13.1mm
27.9mm diagonal
Latitude14 stops
Base ISO800
MediasSR memory Blue (2.5Gbps)
SR memory Black (5.5Gbps)
Recording4K recording 16bit
(RAW Recording can be de-mosaiced to 6K/8K)
2K RAW 16bit
Full HD RAW 16bit
Max. Fps4K x 2K @ 60Fps
4K x 1K @ 120Fps
Weight16.0 lbs w/SR-R4
Rotary or electronic shutter